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Managing emails

I expect most people have email challenges today, since this useful tool is both over used and abused. Here are some tips for managing email.

Nature of Knowledge

What is the nature of this thing, “knowledge”, which we seek to manage? How is it distinct from data and how might it be modelled? Can we design systems to help store and navigate knowledge rather than data? In designing knowledge-centric systems I have been struck by certain observable facets of knowledge, facets which are […]

Helping users understand SharePoint in the NHS

One of our clients has been battling with the culture change around metadata in single library vs. the comfort factor of folders. Here is how they address it and some other thoughts. “We have now spent many hours “working with users to migrate” key documents into SharePoint. It’s been hard work… and we first have […]

SharePoint Infrastructure

One of the most common questions is what infrastructure do we recommend for SharePoint and can it be virtualised. Below is our view on the infrastructure. Virtualisation is fine and the majority of the implementations we support are indeed virtualised. We have good experiences with both VMware and Hyper-V. In general we advise against virtualising […]

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

“I have had various conference calls with your guys recently. The system is looking really good.” Danielle Thomas, ESR Project Manager 

Blackpool eDischarge success

As of December 2010, over 25,000 patients have  had their discharge letters delivered through the Cloud2 solution, with 100% of staff using it across Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Early in the project the trust told their PCTs that they would deliver their Discharge Summaries in time. This was met with frank […]

Why do SharePoint projects fail?

It has been our observation that many, and perhaps most, SharePoint projects in the English National Health Service (as distinct from Scottish, Welsh etc.)  fail to a greater extent than they succeed. Yet the NHS has very strong needs for the types of solution that SharePoint provides; it has increasingly mature infrastructure and project skills, […]

SharePoint backups

We were recently asked about a backup strategy for their SharePoint: “I wondered if I could tap your expertise for some advice on a backup strategy for our Sharepoint Intranet site. Is Vmware alone reliable enough? Is it only reliable if all the services (web, application and db) are backed up and kept in sync […]

Eastern and Coastal Kent

We’re getting lots of emails from lunch and learners to say how they enjoyed the session – many thanks once again. Trudy Turner, Head of Knowledge Management

Managing and importing paper documents

The paperless office has been awaited for decades, but even the most advanced organisations in this quest are faced with the challenge of their legacy of paper. NHS Trusts in particular are burdened with large quantities of paper records, with Medical Records being an especial issue, though HR, Financial and general admin documents should not […]