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Doctor! There’s Something Wrong with my SharePoint!

THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2   Mick McGuinness, Co-Founder and Technical Director, Application Performance Ltd www.applicationperformance.com As busy medics for a wide range of applications, we’ve pretty much seen every performance issue and even mixed up some of our own medicine for making them better. Recently we’ve been spending time helping clients to monitor […]

15 Reasons Not to Use Folders in SharePoint (and 3 reasons why you could)

By Simon Hudson, Director, Cloud2. Simon says…  “I hate folders as a means of organising content.  It’s a deeply broken approach and carrying it over to SharePoint is one of my pet hates!”   He’s even written a song about it! (coming soon) Having worked in the SharePoint world for well over a decade, Simon has […]

RIP: Waterfall BI Projects

Accessibility to the right information, at the right time, and in the right format can be the difference between growing as a strategic and tactical organisation and declining as an uninformed and disorganised business:  This information is known as Business Intelligence. The demand for Business Intelligence software and tools is setting a precedent as never before:  Gartner […]

Self-service Business Intelligence (BI)

As the amount of data grows day by day the demand for data presented in report, dashboard and scorecard form also grows.  Business users want to quickly and easily access information and analyse it without having to rely on IT specialists within the organisation.  Business users also want to be able to create ad-hoc reports […]

Enterprise Mobility and Big Data-Connecting the Organisation

Talking Mobility, Big Data and New Technologies Simon Hudson, Cloud2 Director outlines the challenges in Healthcare IM&T and how the NHS is changing.  Looking at trends and technologies, Simon discusses subtle changes, such as real-time ECG monitoring with a mobile device.  Patients are getting more access to technologies, so Simon explains that there will be […]

10 top tips to ensure your BI project succeeds

A well-implemented BI solution will provide substantial data-driven insight. This intelligence can be used to make strategic planning far more effective, and decisive. Despite the clear benefits, Gartner research suggests that as many as 70% of all BI projects fail. An alarming statistic. Calling upon our own experience of BI implementation projects that deliver rapid […]

Zero Tolerance and the 1%

Reading the Friday morning blog of the rather excellent Ed Reid this morning on how many small improvements can make a big difference I was struck that it resonated with part of my talk at the NHS event Cloud2 hosted in Manchester the day before. As with Ed’s comments, I referenced the Olympic 1% improvements approach, […]

The Cycle of Hype and Diffusion of Innovation

We’ve been thinking a lot about intranets and user adoption. And not for the first time. We absolutely love Cloudbase, our intranet, even though it is one to two generations behind Hadron 8020, the Enterprise Intranet we sell. We know that our clients love their Hadrons, but we’re still seeing poor end user survey results on […]

Microsoft cloud services & EU data compliance

A very important step forward for use of cloud services and removal of doubt about whether Office 365, Azure etc. meet EU data compliance requirements was announced on the 10th April 2014 (at 4:00 AM!) by Microsoft’s Brad Smith, General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs: http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_blog/archive/2014/04/10/privacy-authorities-across-europe-approve-microsoft-s-cloud-commitments.aspx It’s very encouraging that […]

What SharePoint users really want

In Cloud2 we spend a lot of time thinking about SharePoint use, intranets, user adoption and the challenges of matching what people want, with what they think they want and what other people (usually managers, communications and IT folk) say they should want. We also try to match this to what we see being successful […]