Responsive web design for SharePoint 2013

What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is a methodology is an approach for making websites and web applications work elegantly and seamlessly across different types of screen size.  Responsive design primarily deals with layouts. Importance of responsive design People are now creating and consuming more content over the internet than ever before. Current statistics […]

What’s Meson BI?

Business intelligence is transforming some of today’s most successful organisations.  It’s a massive opportunity – creating value and reducing costs, and making life easier for everyone into the bargain. So what’s the catch? Doing it right.  Meson BI does just that.  

8 Key components of a successful business intelligence project

Don’t be part of Gartner’s failure statistics According to research from Gartner, 64% of organisations are looking to invest in BI solutions this year – nearly 10% up year on year. But invariably 70% will still fail.  Cloud2’s Sam Codman shows you how you can be be one of the successful 30% by doing the […]

Let’s migrate

Simon Hudson talks to Microsoft about one of our latest innovations:  Hadron Migrate. Hadron Migrate solves the problem of rapidly moving dirty content from fileservers into SharePoint.  This results in: Faster migration No configuration Migrating large numbers of documents in one go, including content in sub-folders Flatter folder structures for tagged content in libraries Enhanced “findability” […]