Cloud2 BI Series: the report foundation layer

The report foundation layer is an important part of any business intelligence solution as it makes the data stored in your data warehouse available to users for reporting. A good RFL solution will present the data in a useful and meaningful way and support efficient and effective reporting. Our resident BI specialist Mark Robinson shows […]

eForms; facts and fiction

For years you’ve been using paper forms to submit expense claims, but following a strategic review your Finance Director decides that the company needs to automate the process using an electronic form. Simple right? After all, you’ve got the paper form so all you need to do is recreate it digitally.   Not necessarily… Going from […]

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today…

THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2 Shay O’Connor, Head of Solutions FlowForma   According to BPTrends, who surveyed hundreds of companies across the world, only 40% of companies are focused on improving specific departmental level processes. So, in other words, the majority of companies are only interested in improving the outward workings of their organization […]