8 Key components of a successful business intelligence project

Don’t be part of Gartner’s failure statistics According to research from Gartner, 64% of organisations are looking to invest in BI solutions this year – nearly 10% up year on year. But invariably 70% will still fail.  Cloud2’s Sam Codman shows you how you can be be one of the successful 30% by doing the […]

Let’s migrate

Simon Hudson talks to Microsoft about one of our latest innovations:  Hadron Migrate. Hadron Migrate solves the problem of rapidly moving dirty content from fileservers into SharePoint.  This results in: Faster migration No configuration Migrating large numbers of documents in one go, including content in sub-folders Flatter folder structures for tagged content in libraries Enhanced “findability” […]

Want engaging news portals? Let me show you how

 THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2 Simon Doy, Independent SharePoint Solutions Architect iThink SharePoint   Building engaging news portals A few months back I was involved in a project to re-engineer a company’s homepage. The customer was complaining that the homepage was not engaging and underutilised. The homepage was mainly static and the information that […]

60% of SharePoint Projects Fail

A recent survey conducted by AIIM revealed that 60% of SharePoint projects fail.  We have, ourselves, seen many many SharePoint projects fail.  It’s the reason why we created Cloud2 – to stop SharePoint projects failing. Below are our Top Five Reasons why SharePoint projects fail – and – their impact on success:  

What to look for when searching for the right intranet solution

THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2 Laura Donaldson, Digital Communications Specialist Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust   Having worked on both client and agency side specifying websites and the like, I’d hope I’ve developed a pragmatic approach to new web projects. I no longer see each project as being particularly unique, rather an opportunity […]