60% of SharePoint Projects Fail

A recent survey conducted by AIIM revealed that 60% of SharePoint projects fail.  We have, ourselves, seen many many SharePoint projects fail.  It’s the reason why we created Cloud2 – to stop SharePoint projects failing. Below are our Top Five Reasons why SharePoint projects fail – and – their impact on success:  

What to look for when searching for the right intranet solution

THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2 Laura Donaldson, Digital Communications Specialist Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust   Having worked on both client and agency side specifying websites and the like, I’d hope I’ve developed a pragmatic approach to new web projects. I no longer see each project as being particularly unique, rather an opportunity […]

The Cost of Search

An organisation with 4,500 employees could be wasting £6,210,000/year searching for documents in an intranet! Find out how you can ensure you can build your business case to save money!    

Before the technology – Managing documents in SharePoint

In previous blog articles we have considered the importance of Hadron Prime as a way of defining and aligning the strategic objectives for an enterprise intranet [link], and subsequently the advantages of an embedding plan to ensure that the user base realises the intended benefits from the Hadron 8020 implementation. Once the user wants and needs […]