Simple steps to branding bliss

THE GUEST BLOG SERIES @ CLOUD2 Reg Tait, Web Designer Reg Tait Design   About branding Branding is used by organisations to distinguish between products or services. Every organisation should have a current set of brand guidelines that details style and tone across each platform. This helps the organisation communicate with their customer clearly and consistently, […]

Responsive web design for SharePoint 2013

What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is a methodology is an approach for making websites and web applications work elegantly and seamlessly across different types of screen size.  Responsive design primarily deals with layouts. Importance of responsive design People are now creating and consuming more content over the internet than ever before. Current statistics […]

What’s Meson BI?

Business intelligence is transforming some of today’s most successful organisations.  It’s a massive opportunity – creating value and reducing costs, and making life easier for everyone into the bargain. So what’s the catch? Doing it right.  Meson BI does just that.