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Hadron 8020 on 2013
Hadron 8020 on 2013 User Interface – Click on image for larger view

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Hadron 8020 The Solution Accelerator

  Pre-ConfigurationWe do all the hard work

  Design – Engaging user interface reflects your brand

  Mobile Working – Optimised for touch screen use

  Communications – High Impact broadcasting of corporate and local news

  Collaboration – Business teamwork and social sharing for enterprise users

  Document Management – Protecting the knowledge in your organisation

  Super Search – Find what you want, immediately

  Platforms – Available on SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and Office 365

  Integration – Seamless integration with full Microsoft business suite

Hadron Prime

Setting up your new intranet for success

Hadron Embed

Engaging users, driving adoption and ensuring outcomes

Hadron Migrate

Move all your documents into SharePoint with ease