Hadron 8020 Pre-Configuration

Hadron8020_logoA great intranet delivered fast

We know your organisation relies on great information; on staff being able to find what they need, when they need it and being certain that the information at their fingertips is the right information. You rely on teams being able to work together efficiently, irrespective of where they are and when they work. You expect key business processes to be online to improve efficiency and reliability. Hadron 8020 provides all of this capability and more, and you can be up and running with an enterprise level intranet faster than you thought possible.

Hadron 8020 - The intranet accelerator (Click to expand)
Hadron 8020 – The intranet accelerator (Click to expand)

Hadron 8020 – The Intranet Accelerator

We take all the hard work out of designing, building and implementing a new Intranet with our “8020” approach, 80% pre-configured for “Out of the Box” speed and capability and 20% customizable to ensure that it meets your unique requirements and priorities.

Hadron 8020 combines a well thought through, pre-built and tested Information Architecture with great usability, achieving this largely by configuration rather than custom coding.

It is a highly scalable, feature rich and broad platform representing many years of development meaning that you can focus on fine tuning and implementation rather than bottom up development with all its associated risks and extended timelines.

It is also honed to the needs of large organisations with “below the hood” features such as specialised taxonomies, metadata schemes and search enhancements

Fast Implementation8020 roundel

Since Hadron 8020 has a pre-configured framework, project delivery focuses on ensuring the best “fit” for each organisation taking into account unique requirements in terms of priorities, culture, ways of operating, logos, user engagement, etc.

Progress will move rapidly through workshops and build and we aim to get your organisation to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and handover in as little as 24 days.